Jacqueline Mauritz
Gallery - Flappers and Fairies
Sets, Flappers, Fairies, Retro, Vintage, Art Deco, Fantasy, Female Figure, Magical, Mystical, Drawing, Painting, Digital Fine Art, Collage, Historical, Nudes, Dance, 1920s,

Smokin in the Girls Room Oil Painting
A Day In the Vineyards
Isn't It Just aBeautiful Day
In Praise of Voluptuous Women
Here Comes the Sun Redux
Vamp with Roses
Madame X Redux
Day Dream
Hail the Rising Sun Redux
Parisian Vamp Version Two
Kneeling Vamp
Vamp with Beads and Flowers
Paris, 1928
Mirror, Mirror
Lookin at you, Kid Oil Painting
Sitting Pretty
Femme Fatale
The Ultimate Flapper
Smiling Flapper 2
Spanish Harlem
Sugar and Spice
Showgirl, 1920s
Flapper in Blue
Time Passages
Little Bits of This and That
Vamp with Beads
Ain't She Sweet Redux
Modeste Deux
In the Clouds Redux
Dream Dancer
Toe dancing Flapper
Ascending Vamp
Vamp of Many Colors
Dreamscape 57
Descending Vamp
Hi, There
Fairy and Daisies