Dawson Images
Gallery - Desert Beauty

Hole in the Roof
Slide Rock Reflections
Red Folds
Sandstone Tapestry
Jurassic Tracks
The top of the Wave
Sandstone Illusions
Citadel Sunset
Above the Wave
Coyote Buttes Reflection
Frozen Slot
Temple of the Setting Sun
Desert Red
Coyote Buttes
Above the Wave
Heart of the Wave
Caught in a Vise
Grand Canyon Storm
Red Rock Cathedral
Elusive Path
Stick or Stone?
Parched Utah
Citadel Walls
Castles of Sandstone
Sedona Smoke Signals
Desert Palette
Nature's Sculpting
Alien World
Sandstone Castles
Canyon Light
Marbles Anyone?
Yetti's Paw
Desert Fissures
Broken Dial
Purple Rain
Bryce Canyon  Dusk
Sandstone Symphony
Painted Valley
Nature's Palette
Painted Tracks
Owyhee River Sunset
Painted Hills
Palouse Falls
Valley of Fire Roadway
Saguaro Sunset
Desert Funhouse
Desert Textures
Desert Portal
Desert Flow
Desert Stairs
Red Tresses
Sandstone Vortex
Sandstone Portal
Desert Bridge
Textures of the Desert
Purple Waves
Light Waves
Desert Eclipse
Desert Flow
Hot and Cold
Illumination Chamber
Montezuma Castle
Sajuaro Rimlight
Cathedral Reflected
Sedona Sunset
Sandstone Cascade
Red Rock Reflection
Carved in Layer
Desert Apparition
Desert Tapestry
Red Crest
Left on the Wave
Wave Reflections
Saguaro Twilight
Sandstone Slide
Desert Staircase
Punctuated by the Wind
Reaching toward the Light
Goosenecks Sunrise
Desert Light
Bridge REflections
Owachomo Landbridge
Desert Folds
Desert Dawn
Bubbles in the Stone
The Fissure
Narrow Confines
The Fissure
Ebb of Stone
Folds of Stone
Goblin Glow
Fiery Core
Molten Light
Desert Light
Illumination Chamber
At the Center of the Earth
Grass Widow Sunset
Sandstone Reflections
Desert Pools
Monument Dusk
Layers of Red
Sandstone Slide
Sandstone Tent Rock
Trough of the Wave
Into the Wave
Sandstone Pools
Lake Powell Dawn
Grand Canyon Dawn
Sedona Reflections
Sand Lines
Desert Lichen
Blue and Gold
Sand Swirl
Chiseled by the Wind
Impressions in the Sand
Desert Contours
Sand and Snow
Purple & Gold
Spring Wildflowers
Sunset Kissed
Golden Hills
Last Light of Spring
Potholes Sunset
A Tough Neighborhood
White House Ruins
Slidehouse Ruins
Reaching the Clouds
Burning Dawn