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the persistence of loss, by heather king
Tags: loss, devastation, deviate, suffocate, guilt, shame, past, pain, sorrow, humiliate manipulate, broken, hide, shy, voice, woma
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the persistence of loss

by heather king
Artist Notes
DISCLAIMER I am doing a new series, in helping a friend shed her past, to free her from her demons so to speak. There will be no photoshop or anything of the sort used, all will be AS IS. These photos are suppose to be uncomfortable to look at, they are suppose to be dark. They are NOT meant for or as shock value. This is a statement, (and I am sure we’ve all been there) when we wake up one day wondering who we married? who we are living with? sharing a bed with? professing our love to? in the end, to find out it was a great big lie. This photoshoot took many hours, as we wrote down the words on paper first (later with paint on her body) trying to find descriptive words on how her past love made her feel. The woman in these photos is thee most kind hearted, loving, generous, gentle soul I have ever met, so there is nothing about her whatsoever that resembles ‘whore’. That is just a word for her own personal reasons we found appropriate. She had to climb into this dark place, to let all the evil out, to purge herself so to speak. There is no light if there is no darkness. Also, in any relationship, no one is ever 100% wrong or right…all depends on how the other reactions, and who is willing to stand up for what is right. There are more painful forms of abuse than just physical. Years of mental and emotional abuse can do far more damage than a punch in the face. You don’t have to be anorexic, fat, tall, short, pretty, ugly, straight or gay to be the victim…it is all around us. Ususally the ‘shy’ and ‘quiet’ types are ‘shy’ and ‘quiet’ for a reason. This image is © Heather King. You may not use this or any of my images (in whole or in part). All Rights Reserved. Copying, altering, displaying or redistribution of any of these images without written permission from the artist is strictly prohibited.
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Artist heather king

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ontario, canada
Artist Biography I am a self taught artist/photographer who uses my inspirational vision of the world to transform the awkwardness, pain and insanity of life into something uniquely original and peculiarly beautiful. I fled my birth city (Winds ...
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