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what time is it?, by rc dewinter
Tags: clock, equations, light, math, mathematics, still life, time, wall
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what time is it?

by rc dewinter
Artist Notes
© 2012 RC deWinter ~ All Rights Reserved ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Prom Sunday ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Spiraling downdowndown roundroundround as the wheel turns relentlessly across the vast indifference of the cosmos, a lone small voice calls out in the chaos: The time, the time! What TIME is it? Is it time to splash across the firmament in a gaudy crescendo of color, unmistakable and wild, or is it time to be stone, mosscovered, unremarkable except for the solidity? Who is entering through the revolving door – who is heading out to where no one can see the end of all the light there ever was? Is there time enough to live without regret, or have there been so many wrongs that nothing we can ever do will right them? Is it time to give up, taste the bitter powder of defeat, or time to batter 'gainst what crushing odds crouch, silent? Is the clock ticking doubletime now that the tunnel shortens, or is that simply the perception of the ones who walk on farther? Secondsminuteshoursdaysweeksmonthsyearsdecadescenturiesmillenniaeons pass as slowly or as swiftly as we let them. We can't stop Time; he races with the sun and always wins, but we can be immersed, afloat, surrounded in his generous embrace. There is always time for living. There is always time to feel. There is always time to give and time for taking. And no, the graysuits down on Wall Street can't invest it, can't hold it ‘til the time is right to trade it; no yellow howto books for dummies on this subject. Alone we occupy our carrels in the millionmaze of mayhem, striving mightily to ravel out, judiciously, our efforts. Is is time? Is it TIME? Are we THERE yet? ~ © 2012 RC deWinter
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Artist rc dewinter

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Artist Biography
All artwork © 2001-2012 RC deWinter ~ All Rights Reserved Hello and welcome to my portfolio; I hope the year is treating you gently. ...
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