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indian blanket, by derek mccrea
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indian blanket

by derek mccrea
Artist Notes
This painting is the Indian Blanket wildflower, also known as Fire Wheel, or Blanket Flower. While living in El Paso, Texas I was told by many locals in New Mexico that this wildflower is a favourite to the Aztec Indians. After further research I found this to be true. This wildflower is also the state flower of Oklahoma. The Kiowa Indians thought the Indian Blanket wildflowers brought good luck. This flower has very attractive and magnificent colourful blooms.

According to history, the name Indian Blanket came from when ancient Aztec Indians wove a blanket with the colours brown, red, and yellow for his or her burial. The following spring the grave was covered with beautiful flowers in the same colours of the Indian Blanket.

This flower’s spectacular colours only intensify the beauty of nature. The flower weaves a field with vibrant colour as though part of an illustration in a children’s storybook. As each pedal blows with the spring air you can feel the power of nature embracing your soul.

I was inspired to paint this painting by the history of the first American people, the Indians and their natural living experiences in the Southwestern United States. The beauty of the landscape in New Mexico and Arizona is scattered with the Indian Blanket wildflower. Otherwise boring roadside fields are woven in brilliant wildflowers, of which the Indian Blanket is my favourite.
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Artist derek mccrea

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georgia, usa
Artist Biography
Biography of Derek McCrea View my blog at Derek McCrea is a US Army Infantry Combat Soldier with two tours in Iraq with the 3rd Infantry Division, and this is his stress relief. He has always loved to paint; it allows him to express emotions on paper and r ...
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