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narcisse, by rita isabel
Tags: rita isabel, arisu, arisu nomura, narcisse, narcissus, narciso, twins, gemini, yokai, japonism
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by rita isabel
Artist Notes
a. narciso, narcissus, narcisse p b. narcissus or narkissos gm people often say gemini are twice sided, it’s a sole person but it’s like if there is a bit of two personalities. i didn’t want to portray good vs evil as two different persons but as one. i believe anyone can have a good side and a bad side, it depends on the circumstances into which this event will occur in a person’s life. or what triggers them to have an evil action or a good action (depending on wether this person acts evil all the time or good all the time). humans break at somepoint. they rise and fall. they are born and ‘reborn’. they are/can be very cruel. they are/can be very great. i like narcissus. i’d like them more if they were giant and sniffed me. how adorable would that feel? for limited editions contact
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Artist rita isabel

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bayern, germany
Artist Biography
Born in Lisbon, Portugal. Currently she is studying in Faculdade de Belas Artes da Universidade de Lisboa (Faculty of Fine Arts from the University of Lisbon), her body of work depicts imaginary places, animals and people with a sense of movement and surrealism, with haunting ghosts/animals, showi ...
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