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worlds of light , by liliane ritchie
Tags: Liliane Ritchie, jewish art
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worlds of light

by liliane ritchie
Artist Notes
Worlds of Light In the higher dimensions of eternal Light there are unimaginable, glorious worlds of true Reality enveloped in peace, harmony, euphoric bliss, indescribable sweetness, power and Love from the Infinite Source. ___________ Some people have been privileged to enter and receive a glimpse of these realms. They returned in utmost awe, unable to begin to utter a faint description of the depth of their experience. My hope is that these images and symbols encoded with sublime truths will stir up some lost memory in your own soul knowing. Remembering we have a Real Home allows us to reframe our perspective on life. Then we know not to get so overwhelmed with our life’s difficulties, and we realize “this too shall pass.” It is comforting to know we all have a real, indestructible Home that is perfect for us, responding to our own unique inclinations and yearnings and fulfilling our highest dreams and aspirations: A Home where we can keep growing, learning, absorbing in euphoric joy and delighting in many loving friendships and new discoveries, a Home radiant with the Love from on High. Consciously or not, we are all basically homesick for our true Home awaiting us after we leave this world and move on to higher dimensions. But we don’t have to wait so long. We can create our own paradise of peace and beauty within, through the precious gift of our intuitive imagination. Our choice of thought is immensely powerful as it engenders the quality of our feelings. Loving, positive thoughts and feelings act like a magnet. They attract loving, positive experiences. The more we choose to focus on the inner peace of love, kindness, and joy, the quicker our life will transform.
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Artist liliane ritchie

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Artist Biography
Artist’s Statement Ever since I was a child I wanted to bring Light and Happiness to the world. I was fortunate to be raised in the peace and magnificence of the countryside in Switzerland. The beauty I found in nature gave me a sense of the beauty and perfection of spiritual realms. ...
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