The Cost of Art Infographic

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MyOffers is known as the home of the best free online competitions, but we know that things in life don’t always come for free – like priceless works of art for example. To demonstrate this, we took a look at the cost of a standard adult ticket for 20 masterpieces by 20 different artists on display in galleries across Europe and the United States. Then, just for fun, we asked thousands of you which work of art you’d pay the most to see and plotted the results in our infographic below.

The Cost of Art Infographic

Hidden Street Art that Reveals Itself in the Rain

Just Add Water!

Street Art That Reveals Itself in the Rain

This is quite literally one of the most creative and brilliant techniques for street art I’ve ever seen!

Peregrine Church, a Seattle-based street artist, has created brilliant series of street art pieces that can only be seen when when they get wet!  Using a superhydrophobic spray, which repels water from surfaces, Peregrine Church creates images and messages on the streets of Seattle that reveal themselves when it rains in the city.  Given that Seattle sees it’s fair share of grey rainy days, Church’s messages are often mood lifters and restore people’s spirits on dreary days.

Peregrine Church, a Seattle-based street

SEE MORE Hidden Street Art Pieces that Reveal Themselves in the Rain

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Amazing Coloring Books for Adults

British Illustrator Johanna Basford has found a niche market in the world of Book Publishing…Coloring Books for Adults.  Her intricate line drawings, which are inspired by gardens and estates that she’s familiar with, border on fantasy as she leaves room for you to not just color within the lines, but let your imagination flow!

BuzzFeed News Reporter  posted a nice article on Johanna Basford’s impressive coloring books for adults.

Meet The Woman Who Sold A Million Copies Of Her Coloring Books For Adults

British illustrator Johanna Basford was working as a commercial illustrator for major brands like Nike and Absolut Vodka and drawing to unwind when she had a brilliant idea: Why not create a coloring book, but for adults?

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The Impact of Instagram for Artists

Instagram has had an amazing impact for many Artists, Galleries, and Art Publishers as the social media app primarily focuses on image sharing, liking and @ – ing.  The nature of the app allows artists to reach new audiences by capturing new followers and cultivating those fans into collectors!  This is a great way to share your work as an artist and grow your fan and collector base by simply posting images of your artwork.  Instagram for artists is a great way to share insight into their creative process, which creates a wonderful connection between the artist and the audience, and that relationship can easily lead to sales.

Brooklyn artist Jean-Pierre Roy has recently experienced the wealth of an Instagram post with the sale of one of his works to Hollywood elite Leonardo DiCaprio that was prompted through Instagram.  art net News has published an article about the sale to Leonardo DiCaprio that came through Instagram.

Jean-Pierre Roy Nachlass (2015) Photo: The Creators Project

Jean-Pierre Roy Nachlass (2015)
Photo: The Creators Project

Leonardo DiCaprio Buys Art on Instagram at PULSE Art Fair

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Lighting an Artist’s Studio a Custom Home for a Still Life Painter

We’ve talked about the importance of lighting an artist’s studio before in previous posts.  Recently Houzz posted an article about an architectural project for a still-life painter that brought together the function of the studio, the natural elements and history of the surrounding area.

Light-Filled Artist’s Studio in the Pennsylvania Countryside

by Becky Harris Houzz Contributor

“Well, first take me to your studio and show me how you paint.” This was all architect Matthew Moger had to say to a still-life artist to win the job over all the other architects who had arrived to bid for the job armed with models and plans without ever asking about how she worked. While the artist’s studio was in Philadelphia at the time, she was planning to move to the rolling horse pastures of the Brandywine River Valley and establish her life in the country full-time. These same fields inspired Andrew Wyeth, who also had a studio there. “This studio was about combining her passions — her work and her horses,” Moger says.

A Cute and Easy History Lesson on Michelangelo’s David Sculpture

For many people Art History can put you to sleep faster than an Ambien, but that’s because too much of what is taught in art history is about dates and bullet points that pretty much mean nothing to us and end up going in one ear and out on the floor.  However, when you consider the life of a piece of artwork; the reason that an artist painstakingly took to create it, what was going on in the artist’s life at that time, what was going on in the world at that time, the history that the artwork has lived through, the changes that it’s seen, what’s been lost and rediscovered about it…the history or life of a piece of art can be incredibly interesting.

TED-Ed Originals have produced a short animated film that brings to life an easy history lesson on Michelangelo’s David Sculpture.  Titled The Many Meanings of Michelangelo’s Statue of David by James Earle, the original post from TED-Ed is below:

The Many Meanings of Michelangelo’s Statue of David – James Earle TED-Ed

We typically experience classic works of art in a museum, stripped of their original contexts, but that serene setting can belie a tumultuous history. Take Michelangelo’s statue of David: devised as a religious symbol, adopted as a political emblem, and later iconized for its aesthetic beauty. James Earle walks us through the statue’s journey, to show how art gains layers of meaning over time.

Pricing Your Art…Think Long Term

It’s important when establishing the pricing of your art to think long term!

As an artist pricing your art may seem like a daunting task, especially if you haven’t had much experience selling your artwork, so we wanted to give you a simple piece of advice…Think Long Term.

Pricing your art

The ability of an artist in terms of pricing your art is one of the greatest abilities one can acquire. Thinking long term isn’t easy but with a few basic tidbits of art business know how you’ll be a few steps ahead of the crowd.

Thinking Long Term means that you should have a general strategy for your art career.  This isn’t an outline or timeframe of goals or achievements to reach, but rather a point of perspective.  You want your work to grow and succeed over a long period of time, rather than a flash in the pan or a flop on the floor.  Below is a breakdown of 4 points on how you can gain perspective and build a long term strategy for pricing your art. [Read more...]

The Secret to being a Fearless Artist

This week on our Facebook Page we’ve been talking about how to become a Fearless Artist. The problem is, being a New Artist is like playing the children’s game telephone. You remember this game, a group of kids sit in a circle and whisper a message from one person to the next, and by the end of the circle the message has completely changed into something random like Grandma Chases Naughty Cats with Raccoon Tails…ya being a new artist is just like that. You have an image in your mind of what you want to create, but the message between your mind and your hand gets a bit garbled like in the telephone game.

Unfortunately it’s at this point that too many young budding artists give up and quit on their art too soon. Our goal this week on our Facebook Page was to give some sage advice for artists of all ages and experiences, so below we’re going to break down the secret to becoming a Fearless Artist in 6 key points.

Don’t Worry About Being Perfect!

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Creating A Glass Sculpture In Under 2 Minutes!

When I was 24 my father took me and my brother on a trip to Italy where we were lucky enough to spend a few days in Venice Italy. During our explorations at the city on the river streets, we got to see glass blowing done the Murano way up close and personal. At the time, I had zero clue how sculptures, chandeliers, and the like were creating. It was pretty impressive seeing this type of artistic creation in action and we left so impressed that my father paid a pretty penny for a chandelier of his own that eventually came shipped us in about 100 pieces!

Anyway, the video below isn’t from our trip but I stumbled across it and it brought back memories, not to mention blew my mind! When we were in Venice, the master artisans at the glass shops were mostly just doing vases and other somewhat run of the mill shapes, but this guy…geez. Francisco Lopez Serrano creates a glass sculpture in under 2 minutes, an awesome rendition of a stallion in under two minutes using incredible timing and skill.

Painting With A Typewriter – Paul Smith, Cerebral Paulsy and Pure Inspiration

Did you ever wonder what it would be like painting with a typewriter? Yeah, me neither, yet like nearly anything the mind can imagine, it does in fact exist.I found this story a while back while going down the mind numbingly deep rabbit hole that is YouTube and figured it was a good addition to our blog here at Meanwhile In Art. The inspiration that artist Paul Smith, an Oregon nursing home patient born with Cerebral Paulsy, is beyond description. I personally have experience with brain injuries as my younger sister was affected by a stroke before she was born. In short this story had a great effect on me and I imagine it will put a smile on your face and get your mind racing as to what all of us, regardless of our struggles, are truly capable of.

One finger at a time Paul Smith is creating amazing art through incredible patience and extreme talent.