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Toma Iakopo

Toma Iakopo

NSW, Australia
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I began taking photography seriously in the last couple of years & I must admit, looking through the view finder of my camera, I have seen life manifest from rich colors & growth through natures adaptation through beautiful environments & people surroundings.

My Family, life & passion is about being creative, free & living life to the fullest. With my family, friends, work & of course photography, they all play a role where put together creates a combination of life's expectations which acts as a guide & how to overcome the unexpected. Through photography, I try to capture those combined moments whether it's people, objects or nature, that moment of time, a dominating piece of awe which I can have sequential access to its beauty time after time. I truly believe photographic attraction of family, friends & what nature creates or how to keep its existence alive visually is what drives me, venture forth & st

The past year, acknowledging & living the art, I feel more connected than ever in some way spiritually that is both tranquil & invigorated. I'd like to share the essence of those images & hope my experience at any particular instances captured, leads the viewer to feel the sense as I have & from this day still, that life is too short to be excluded from what nature provides us universally, liberated from the unattractions & negativity that enters our lives at one point or another. Live life to the fullest.

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