Energised Spikes - Abstract Art
The Swan Inn, Fradley Junction
Stocks and Whipping Post, Brading
Village Pond, Tissington
Dead Tree Branches, Fradley Pool
Yorkshire Belle Turning in Bridlington Harbour

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Rod Johnson

Rod Johnson

Staffordshire, United Kingdom
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All content © Copyright 2000 - 2015  Rod Johnson - All rights reserved Hello, I'm a self-taught fine art photographer based in Staffordshire, United Kingdom. I've been capturing photographic images for over 50 years, using a wide range of equipment from the most basic manual camera to the latest DSLR. I now concentrate on digital photography and specialise in landscape, nature and architectural subjects. My work is available from many different websites, where I also cater for print on demand and a photo library. My personal website: http://rodsimages.com is in constant development, as I continually expand my photographic content. It occupies a lot of my time, but I wanted to create something unique and I've always enjoyed the challenge of learning new skills. So, for me it has been well worth the effort. A current success is to have had my work published in two e-books; Follies of Derbyshire and Follies of Staffordshire, by Heritage Ebooks. This is a welcome new direct view full bio...

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