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Colleen Patricia Williams

Colleen Patricia Williams

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Colleen Patricia Williams

AA Art- Allen Hancock College, Santa Maria CA

I grew up in a very unusual household. My family was a polygamous. My family traveled the west coast craft circuit, going all over the West Coast, as well as Nevada. My father and mother were metal sculptors, and my stepmother made silver jewelry.
            At 26, I enrolled in my local community college. There, I found all of the teachers to be very encouraging. The head of the art department, a wonderful person, and a talented artist, Ed Harvey, was a major influence on me. He opened my eyes and my senses to color;  the theory, the practice of, and the effects, of color in life as well as art.

 After school, I took a very long hiatus from serious pursuit of an art career to raise my children. My husband at the time was a long haul truck driver, and I felt that my children needed a full time mom. I painted to keep my hand in, and to teach my kids appreciation of aesthetic pursuits, as well as the children in my home daycare center.

Once my children were grown up, I found myself free to pursue my art seriously. I believe that the time I took off has made me a richer person, and a much better artist.
            In August of 2003, I suffered an accident that nearly took my life as well as the use of my hands, away from me.
            This forced a change in style that I can't say was a bad thing. Also, I gained an appreciation of life and this appreciation has significantly added to my creative energies. I value my creative ability and all of the blessings of family and friends infinitely more now. As I lose more function, the art and the ability to create that art is priceless, to me.

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