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Andrew Hodgson

Andrew Hodgson

Illinois, United States
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It’s hard these days to stand out as a photographer with the new advances in equipment that now about everyone can take an amazing photo. Most of my photography is influenced by a variety of photographers but like taking any style in art, its taking and making the style your own. Shooting like my favorite photographers I still am in the process of creating my own style.

When I look at photography, it’s not always the beauty that I’m seeing. Part of doing photography is being in the moment of where you are. Its not so much the photo that makes me love photography but where I am and being immersed in the surrounding area. One of my favorite quotes is, "the journey is the destination". I believe that this is a key aspect of why I love photography. I love traveling to new unexplored areas that being there seems so surreal.

One of the reasons I shoot mostly in B&W is because it’s not a way we normally see. I feel that this is such a

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