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Renaissance Dell'Arte is an Experimental Artist in the Audio-Visual performing industry. Through the lens and the mirror, her work is on both sides of the camera. She is her own Pygmalion, sculpting her image with the different facets of her personality. Her chameleon tactics of expression are reflected in her posters where she is at the same time the protagonist and the observer. The characters are depicted realistically in surrealistic scenes. Pushing the limits of existing techniques to new heights, she blurs the lines between media to produce a compilation that appeals to all senses. The adventure of exploration challenges her outlook into the future. �I am inspired by all those who have come before me and contributed to the journey of art with expressions of beauty, purity, peace, harmony, justice, serenity, sensuality, equality, and temperance. My work is dedicated to all that lives and breathes, all that inspires and lifts to truth, and to all that evokes pass view full bio...

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