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spence munsinger

spence munsinger

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I grew up in California, in Del Mar just north of La Jolla and San Diego, and then in Los Angeles. I attended UCLA. I studied painting in college and then studied further to develop a painting language. I studied classic renaissance underpainting and glazing, texture and form. Then for 21 years I stopped painting. I wrote, I photographed, I learned cabinetmaking and woodworking, I designed structures. But I did not paint. In 2003 I began again. I found a clear painting language. In 2006, my daughter asked me for a painting. At that time I was living on the East Coast of the United States, and she was still living in California. I asked her to take photos of a classic California Pacific sunset, from which to paint for her. She did not send the photographs. I found some images in photographs and in my memories from growing up along the California coast, and in the beginnings of a dark New England autumn, I painted \\\"Sunset #1 | La Jolla\\\". I gave it t view full bio...

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