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Ken Meyer Jr.

Ken Meyer Jr.

Savannah, USA
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As of this writing, Ken Meyer Jr. has lived in Savannah with his wife Mona, 13 year old daughter Riley, and 7 year old daughter Avery for five years, after having lived there as a high schooler. He's been reading comics since he was a kid, which is where he first started to learn how to draw, by first tracing from them in his grandmother's kitchen. A few artists who have influenced the artist (from comics) include John Buscema, Barry Smith, Berni Wrightson, Dave Sim, Steve Rude, Dave McKean, Gil Kane and others. Commercial artists that continue to inspire Ken include Rick Berry, Phil Hale, Gary Kelley, Kazuhiko Sano, Brad Holland, David Grove and many others. Ken has done work for comics companies Marvel, Dark Horse, Eclipse, Image, and Caliber Press (where he worked on a continuing title, "Kilroy is Here"). Other work includes Axcess magazine, mainstream companies such as McGraw Hill, work on military training, corporate training and educational media. He also had a two view full bio...

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